Decay happens when we let sugar and plaque build-up on our teeth. It attracts bacteria that breakdown the protective enamel on our teeth, eventually reaching the surfaces below and therefore creating hollows and holes. We believe in preventative dental care and will always advise on the best and most effective ways to maintain your dental health. As well as maintaining a proper hygiene routine, brushing twice a day and flossing once a day, there are also some steps at home you can do to prevent cavities naturally. We think it’s important to note that these aren’t substitutes for a proper dental health routine, but they’re things to try in tandem…


Oil pulling

Oil pulling originated in traditional Indian medicinal culture and involves rinsing and swilling your mouth around with coconut or sesame soil. It’s a little debated within the scientific community, but research has suggested that it can improve tooth health. It has been found that using sesame oil in the pulling technique reduces the amount of plaque and bacteria in the mouth to the same extent as mouthwash. If oil pulling really does reduce plaque, this may help to prevent cavities through its removal of these harmful bacterial layers. This may be something different to try alongside your normal teeth cleaning routines, but don’t substitute proper teeth cleaning for oil pulling.


Fruit, fibre, and veggies

Eating high-fibre foods keeps saliva flowing in your mouth, creating mineral defences against tooth decay. Your saliva contains minerals that naturally strengthen your teeth by cleansing them of common germs and balancing your mouth’s pH levels. It keeps the mouth less acidic, lessening your chances of developing cavities. It can also positively affect your teeth’s whiteness too, because it lubricates the tooth surface which stops stubborn pigment sticking to it. Foods that promote healthy saliva and therefore less cavities are bananas, apples, Brussel sprouts, and peanuts.



Calcium is our teeth and bones’ best friend. Whether we are young or old, calcium plays a vital role in making sure our jaw bones are healthy and strong, so our teeth remain sturdy and don’t develop cavities. Dairy is a great choice as a calcium provider, and even low-fat dairy products contain enough calcium to keep our teeth healthy. Cheese, milk, and yoghurt are all obvious options, but you can also opt for broccoli, almonds, and Brazil nuts.


Health and hygiene

Of course, health and hygiene routines maintained at home are one of the top ways of preventing cavities. Brushing twice a day, flossing once a day, and choosing the correct products for you effectively lessens your chances of developing them when carried out properly. There are toothpastes available now that come with added fluoride, because it helps prevent tooth decay. It does this by fighting bacteria and strengthening enamel, but there are also products that contain remineralising properties. This means the toothpaste contains natural calcium that works to rebuild the teeth’s surfaces to prevent cavities.


Your dental health is very important to us, and it’s our duty to ensure you are receiving the correct dental care both in and out of our clinic. At Manor Dental Health in Hull, we endeavour to deliver the best treatments and the best advice, so you can keep smiling with confidence. If you’re worried about your teeth or are simply due another check-up, then book your next appointment today by enquiring online or calling 01482 563593 today.