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Friends with perfect teeth spread some Christmas cheer in Hull

Smile and spread some Christmas cheer in Hull!

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If we feel confident about our teeth, we are more likely to smile fully and unselfconsciously. There are lots of benefits of smiling, so spread some happiness in Hull this Christmas with a beaming smile. Smiling is contagious and studies report that just seeing one person smiling activates the area of our brains that controls… Continue reading »

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Acupuncture by Hull Dentist

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Acupuncture is a medical treatment that has been developed in China thousands of years ago through skilled observations and recording of patients medical signs and symptoms.  In recent years it’s use has become more accepted to treat a range of medical conditions. Some dental problems can be diagnosed by your Hull Dentist dentist Nick Allday at Manor… Continue reading »

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Mature man and woman consider their healthy diet following mouth cancer advice from Nick Allday at Manor Dental Health in Hull

Hull dentist says early diagnosis of mouth cancer saves lives

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Our Hull dentist explains that more than 2,000 people lose their life to mouth cancer in the UK every year. Although the number of mouth cancer cases has increased steadily over the last decade, more people are being treated successfully and are living for longer. Early detection for mouth cancer results in a survival outcome… Continue reading »

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Mum and daughter look after their teeth thanks to advice from Manor Dental Health in Hull

Give your child the best start possible, advises Hull dentist

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Children smile up to 400 times a day – and their smiles are powerful! A study called the Smile Back Project by the University of Cambridge revealed that adults smile 13 per cent more frequently when with children than when in the presence of adults or being alone. It also shows how the condition of… Continue reading »

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An Update on Sugar from the team at Manor Dental Health “Sugar makes up between 12-15% of our energy instead of the recommended 5%” and for some individuals the figure is even higher. It is recommended that 50% of our energy comes from carbs and the rest from fat 35% and protein 15%  Of the carbs,… Continue reading »

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