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maintaining teeth whitening results

How to maintain your teeth whitening results

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Teeth whitening with Manor Dental Health in Hull can achieve some brilliant results. We offer two kinds of teeth whitening, in-practice and at-home, so we can suit any of our patients’ schedules and needs. However, do you know how best to treat your teeth afterwards and how to maintain your exceptional results?

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Woman with beautiful smile in the sunshine

Be proud to show off your healthy smile, says Nick Allday

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At the time of writing this, the sun is shining. It’s glorious out there and with the warmer weather comes the shedding of our winter wardrobe. Legs are bared, arms uncovered and feet revealed. As the layers come off, we can often be our harshest critic. But what about our smile? We wear that every… Continue reading »

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Hull dentist Nick Allday offers calm and caring dental care at Manor Dental Health

The dental implant process

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At Manor Dental Health, there is no better replacement for your natural teeth than what you were given originally. However, we understand that at times, keeping your natural teeth is either completely impossible or is seriously limiting your lifestyle with their lack of chewing function. Over time, the great advance in dental technology has meant… Continue reading »

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Tow young children share a milkshake. Concerned about your child’s dental health and sugar consumption? Speak to Nick Allday at Manor Dental Health in Hull

Hull dentist shines a spotlight on snacking and decay

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Tooth brushing won’t stop decay for children who snack all day, reiterates Nick Allday from Manor Dental Health in Hull following the publication of a new study on pre-school children. Researchers from the University of Edinburgh and the University of Glasgow found children who snack all day – compared with just eating meals – are… Continue reading »

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Two women smiling. Give your smile and your spirits a lift with tooth whitening - it's safe and effective when carried out by a professional dentist, hygienist or hygiene therapist. Ask Manor Dental Health in Hull for details.

Tooth whitening – know the facts and stay safe – urges Hull dentist

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Tooth whitening is a safe and effective way to give your smile a boost – but only when carried out by a qualified dental professional, otherwise it’s illegal. The popularity of tooth whitening has made it an attractive venture for illegal providers, says principal dentist, Nick Allday from Manor Dental Health in Hull. This means… Continue reading »

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Smiling mature couple. It's important to visit the dentist - even if you have no natural teeth - says Hull dentist, Nick Allday from Manor Dental Health.

Dental checks remain hugely important for OAPs, says Hull dentist

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Denture wearers – and even those with no natural teeth left – are being reminded of the importance of attending the dentist regularly. As we get older it can become more difficult to visit the dentist because of ill health, mobility issues, having to rely on lifts from other people and the worry of the… Continue reading »

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Woman holds her nose - Don’t let bad breath be a passion killer. Visit Manor Dental Health in Hull for minty fresh breath and healthier teeth and gums.

Bad breath? Kiss goodbye to a second date says dental survey

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Before seeking out your Valentine this year, make sure your oral health is up to a loveable standard, urges our Hull dentist. Bad breath has topped the list of reasons putting people off asking for second dates, research has shown. A study by the Oral Health Foundation revealed 35% of people find bad breath to… Continue reading »

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