Teeth whitening with Manor Dental Health in Hull can achieve some brilliant results. We offer two kinds of teeth whitening, in-practice and at-home, so we can suit any of our patients’ schedules and needs. However, do you know how best to treat your teeth afterwards and how to maintain your exceptional results?

Here’s our recommendations for maintaining your teeth whitening results.

Daily care

Daily care is essential to your overall dental health regardless but sticking to your routine is exactly what you need to do when maintaining your results. Daily brushing and flossing will help keep your mouth clean, healthy, and stain-free. At the very minimum, brush after breakfast and before bed to ensure there are no food particles lingering and ready to attack your enamel. Some toothpastes and mouthwashes have extra fluoride in them to promote tooth whiteness, so you may want to consider finding out about your options.


Maintaining an at-home routine

For those patients who opt for at-home whitening, it’s important that you remember to keep using the gel for as long as necessary. To achieve great results and to maintain them, stay on top of your teeth whitening routine and don’t forget to wear the mouth guard and gel every night. This will ensure your treatment remains on track and you can see your excellent results in as little as 2 weeks!


Avoid highly pigmented foods and drinks

Our teeth are the first point of contact for all of the food and drinks we consume, so they’re the first part of our body to encounter their pigments at their strongest. Drinks like coffee, tea, and red wine typically stain the teeth even before teeth whitening, so they can show up extra dark against freshly whitened teeth. Try to avoid drinking as much of these drinks and cut back on pigmented food like curry and blueberries to lessen your risk of developing staining. When you do decide to treat yourself, rinse your mouth with water to dispose of any residue that is still present in your mouth. Tackling staining at the source and preventing it from happening is one thing, but if we actively avoid the components that cause it then we can successfully maintain our teeth whitening results.


Cut back on smoking

Stains can return in the lifestyle choices we make which aren’t just limited to food and drink. Tobacco products contain nicotine and tar which your teeth’s pores absorb, causing a yellow or brown discolouration. Even those patients who choose to use electronic cigarettes with nicotine present in the ‘juice’ encounter staining on their teeth. Cut back to save your dental health, but also cut back to maintain your teeth whitening results.


Visit your dentist

This may seem obvious, but a great way to maintain your teeth whitening results and overall dental health is just by visiting your dentist. Visit our Hull dental practice for regular check-ups, including hygiene appoints, so we can polish away surface stains that may be developing. This would also be a great opportunity to evaluate your teeth whitening journey and ascertain whether a repeat appointment or routine may be necessary.


We offer two different forms of teeth whitening that we’d be happy to talk you through, but we also welcome any and all questions regarding your dental health. Book your initial consultation today to talk any and all things teeth.