Hull dentist, Nick Allday, from Manor Dental Health is pleased to offer Icon, a new, gentle and painless way to reduce the appearance of white spots on your teeth.

White spots can be an aesthetic problem, particularly on the front teeth. Your teeth can lose their healthy glow and can appear to be somewhat poorly cared for. Brown staining can also become deposited in the affected areas.

The benefits of treatment using Icon

  • Aesthetic results after just one treatment
  • Healthy tooth substance is retained
  • Gentle and painless treatment without drilling
  • Natural tooth shade with an even appearance

First signs of decay

White spots on the smooth surfaces of teeth develop as a result of microscopically small areas of damage in the enamel. They can develop, for example as a result of decay and the accompanying mineral loss, which cause the top surfaces of the enamel to become softer and more porous.

In some cases, mineral loss of this kind can be halted by careful oral hygiene and fluoride therapy, but not always. If this is not successful, the decay will continue to develop from the initial signs comprised of white spots until treatment becomes necessary.

White spots after orthodontic treatment

It can be very disappointing when, after having your fixed braces taken off, you are left with white spots. This whitish discolouration is caused by pockets of air and water in porous enamel. Treatment with Icon seals the enamel structure again balancing out the unsightly difference in shade.

Gentle and painless treatment

Until now, one option to hide white spots has been ceramic veneers. Thanks to Icon, a considerably less complicated, more gentle and entirely painless method is available.

This is how it works:

  1. Following brief preparation of the tooth using a gel, a highly fluid acrylic resin is applied to the white areas
  2. This fluid is absorbed into the tooth’s surface, filling the tiny defects
  3. Once light-curing has been completed, the defects are permanently filled and the white spots are no longer visible

If you have white spots on your teeth and would like to find out more about Icon at Manor Dental Health in Hull, please contact us now to find out how our Hull dentist can help.