The world of gum health is changing and dentists and hygienists are learning that we need to rethink our actions after screening for gum disease.

As many of you are aware we score your gums between 0 and 4. Zero is the best you can get while 4 indicates gum disease. It’s pretty black and white, says Hull dentist, Nick Allday, the principal dentist at Manor Dental Health in Hull.

Scores of 1 and 2 are relatively straightforward. A score of 1 means you have some plaque or bleeding from the gum edges and 2 means there is some hardened dead plaque attached to your teeth, which some gentle cleaning and a little oral health education can sort out.

It’s the 3 scores that present the difficulty. This is where we are in the balance between health and disease. The biofilm increases or risk factor balance changes and you have a diagnosis of gum disease.

On the other side we can move to health. The latest thinking shows clinicians need to be more proactive when we find 3 scores and revisit why they are there. Here we need to make you aware of how you should be cleaning your teeth but also considering the factors that may be influencing your gum health.

Lifestyle changes

Smoking, certain illnesses, stress, lack of exercise, depression, loneliness and poor nutrition can have a detrimental effect on our gum health. If you smoke 10 cigarettes a day you are 3 to 7 times more at risk of gum disease than non-smokers, and those with diabetes that is not controlled are 3 times more at risk.

So, that’s why the team at Manor Dental Health may talk to you even more about your gums when we see you.

If you have any concerns about the health of your gums, please talk to us. Contact us now for details or to book an appointment.