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What are veneers?

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Striving for a Hollywood smile? Nobody has perfectly formed, perfectly even teeth, not even the celebrities that pretend they’ve never smiled any other way. Teeth are naturally a little uneven, not perfectly white, and sort of different to each other. However, this doesn’t stop us wanting to perfect our grins. We’re all human and we’re… Continue reading »

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A baby grins showing two teeth. Irresistible smiles at Manor Dental Health. If you can't get away with this look, let us transform yours.

Transforming smiles at Manor Dental Health Hull

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Hull dentist, Nick Allday says if you have ever felt disappointed with your teeth, you will be delighted to hear that the modern cosmetic dentistry at Manor Dental Health on Willerby Road can provide solutions to transform any smile. Our talented Hull dentist offers smile transformations for all budgets from low cost, minimally invasive cosmetic… Continue reading »

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