When you have braces, brushing your teeth is suddenly a little more awkward than before. This doesn’t mean it’s impossible or even hard to do though, it just takes a little perseverance and trying some new top tips! Your results will look all the better for having healthier and cleaner teeth as well as being effectively straightened.


Rinse your mouth with water before brushing

This might seem like a given, but we wouldn’t be doing our jobs as dentists if we didn’t reiterate how important it is to clean your teeth and braces. Food particles, bacteria, and plaque all stick to your teeth, but braces can make cleaning this all away a little more difficult. Rinsing and swilling water around your mouth before you begin brushing helps to dislodge some of the chunkier food particles from your teeth and braces. Dislodging a share of these, no matter how big or small this share may be, is always beneficial before brushing. Brush your teeth and braces attentively, making sure you get behind the wires, outer surfaces, and inner surfaces of your teeth. You can now get spoolie-style toothbrushes that fit in between your wires and provide much more precise cleaning!


Avoid whitening products when you have braces

While you are wearing braces, you should take a step back from any whitening treatments and products. This goes for toothpaste, mouthwash, the whole 9-whitening yards. This is because the product will only work on the surfaces of the tooth it comes into contact with – so not the surfaces beneath the brackets. When your braces are removed, you’ll find a discoloured spot on each tooth that is actually your original tooth colour! It’s a very easy and honest mistake to make, but patients do still make it…


You can still floss with braces

Admittedly, you need to do this a little more attentively than you otherwise would, but there are ways around it. For example, there are specific floss products made for people with braces which are available in most high-street and every-day shops. They look like a large plastic needle or lasso that hook around your teeth. When considering that braces make cleaning your teeth a little more awkward than usual, removing all the debris of food and bacteria you can will ultimately benefit your dental health.


Regular dental check-ups are definitely worth it

After having your braces fitted, we don’t expect you to manage everything by yourself! It’s important to us that we schedule regular appointments to ensure your teeth are clean and your treatment journey is progressing as it should be. This will also allow us to monitor when and where you will need adjustments, provide an accurate treatment timeline, and perform some professional cleaning to help you on your way to straight and healthy teeth. We’ll also be able to impart our professional advice and show you different cleaning methods and products that might make your daily hygiene routines a little easier until you get the hang of it!


Braces, just like your teeth, need daily cleaning to make sure you receive the best treatment possible. Food and plaque caught in your braces presses on your teeth, heightening your chances of decay and cavities. With the proper cleaning and guidance from your orthodontist, you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful smile at the end of your treatment! Enquire online to learn more about our Hull orthodontist or speak to a member of staff on 01482 563593 today.