Straight teeth definitely aren’t bad for you, but what about the method we use to achieve them? Are braces bad for you, or do they work to achieve amazing health benefits for your teeth and gums? We understand why some people might be put off by braces, especially as adults, but there really is no better time than the present to straighten your teeth. Wonky, crowded, or widely spaced apart teeth leave us open to many a dental malady, but there is one form of braces that we definitely shouldn’t trust.


Popular video sharing website YouTube has come under criticism recently for allowing videos containing DIY braces to be posted. This latest trend shows children as young as 11 making DIY braces on camera for thousands of viewers. Some use rubber bands, some use earrings, and others use bent-out paperclips! There’s no shortcut to good dentistry, so if you find yourself seeking do-it-yourself tricks or home remedies without the consult or supervision of a dental professional, step away from the wires. Braces are only bad for you when they are placed and designed badly, but those systems used in dental practices such as Manor Dental Health are safer, professional, and effective.


So, braces are bad for you should you make them out of ordinary household items (ouch!) but here are 4 of the many reasons why they’re good for your health.


They help prevent tooth decay

Crooked teeth that overlap and create crevices supply perfect hideaways for wayward bacteria and food debris to cluster. As the bacteria digest the food debris, they release toxins that breakdown the protective enamel on your teeth and cause cavities and decay. These places are hard to read when brushing and flossing because of their irregular surface areas, so bacteria manifest there unperturbed by your brushing. By straightening your teeth, you limit the amounts of overlapping surfaces in your mouth, lessening hard to reach places that shelter bacteria. Uniform teeth mean teeth that are easier to clean, so you can help prevent tooth decay with straightened teeth.


Braces help prevent gum disease

Gaps in your teeth leave your gums exposed and vulnerable to bacteria. Bacteria and food debris don’t just attack our teeth, but their toxins are also a leading cause of gum disease in the UK. If these teeth and gaps are in hard to reach places when cleaning, then these bacteria gets to sit undisturbed at the base of your teeth and therefore on top of your gums. Braces can, therefore, contribute to the prevention of gum disease by closing these gaps and saving your gums from the build-up of bacteria.


They help prevent bad breath

In these aforementioned crevices created by crooked teeth, food gets stuck and attracts bacteria. This is damaging in itself, but the bacteria want to add insult to injury. When they begin feasting on the food debris, they release a toxin that eats away at your tooth’s surfaces. However, this toxin is also foul-smelling and mars your breath. By limiting these crevices and closing gaps, braces help to keep food out of these hideaways and help prevent you from developing bad breath.


Braces help straighten your bite

The straightening of your teeth obviously affects your teeth, this much we know (especially after this blog post), but it also affects your jaw. When your teeth are misaligned or crooked, it forces your jaw into an unnatural position when resting and when in use. If a misaligned jaw is left alone and to ‘set’ then this problem worsens and becomes more and more uncomfortable. It leads to muscle clenching, teeth grinding, and tooth wear and tear. Even knock-effects like neck pain and headaches are common. Straightening your teeth alters their formation, which can positively influence how your jaw fits together. This can change certain bite prominences like an over- or under-bite, reshape your face, and restore proper feeling and function.


Braces are bad for you if you use improper sources and fittings. Never turn to ‘cowboy dentists’ or even an online tutorial for absolutely any dentistry, because you’re risking your teeth and your overall health. Always come to the professionals, like our dedicated dental staff in Hull. Considering straightening your teeth? Call 01482 563593 or enquire online today!